The world of warm and hospitable people with centuries’ old traditions. The country with rich, ancient history. We will show you what is dear for us, the places we admire.

The lakes hidden behind tall, mighty mountains, where velvet wind gives a feeling of freedom, where the aroma of fresh air excites from the first second.

The fast rivers and waterfalls with crystal clear water. Snow white tops and mighty solid rocks. The nature untouched by time, where you can learn original, centuries’ old history. The country, where the people are faithful and religious.

We welcome each of our guests with the most valuable gift of Georgian eras – the Georgian wine, filled with a genius of sunshine and love. The world, where a modern city known as the pearl of the black sea awaits you, where the gentle sea is inviting with quiet lapping of turquoise waves, whispers of the surf, and beautiful sunsets.

Article Author Ketevan Kvashilava, 2022-07-07